The great unveiling of the Danyfan Railway Carriage

It’s not finished, but soon will be! After sitting in our field looking a bit forlorn for the last year or so we thought it was about time. Lloyd has been doing most of it for us. He’s a boat builder really, and he’s brilliant.

Rosie helping paint the carriage

Rosie helping paint

I finished the painting today. It’s a similar colour to the hall of the house – bright green.  Rosie’s been loving helping…

Rosie in the carraige

Rosie in the carriage

I got some stuff from the McCartneys auction last month – a bed, little wardrobe, couple of chairs.  The bed is now in!

The compost loo is about 7 metres from the carriage.  It’s in an elevated shed, and Lloyd built a little shower/ sink room next door.

Danyfan compost loo and shower

Danyfan compost loo and shower

There will be hot showers powered by a special gas heater thing. There’s a Belfast sink which was in my grandparents’ field, and it’s resting on shelves which Lloyd made from wood from a larch tree that we cut down last year.

Getting turf put down next week, and then it’s pretty much done. Just need to furnish it.

Lloyd and basin stand

Lloyd and basin stand


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