Yoga weekends and photography workshops at Danyfan

We’re keen to run events and weekends at Danyfan, and we have our first couple lined up.


Rich Ward is running the photography weekend. We’re going to have a trial one on the weekend of 22nd- 24th July, and then run a further one on19th-21st August.   Rich has done all the great photos on the website (any rubbish ones are the shots that Stevie or I’ve taken when we’ve finished a room since his last visit).   (Details to be confirmed shortly)

Richard has worked in the photography industry for many years as a freelance photographer, lecturer in photography, and as a Photo Editor for a specialist natural history collection. Richard has a Masters degree in Biological Photography, a wide range of knowledge and a relaxed, professional and personal manner.


Rebecca Wilson is going to a run a lovely long yoga weekend on the 16th – 19th September.   Only one spot left though, so if you’re interested, let Rebecca or me know.

Danyfan Long Weekend

Any artists/ actors/ bee keepers/ sports coaches etc who fancy running courses at Danyfan, let us know. 


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