Starting decorating

The snow and icy weather has thwarted my plan to complete the vegetable garden, so we’ve started inside.

So here are some photos showing:

The room (referred to as Florence’s room, as niece Florence slept there last) before and during it’s transformation. I’ve started nitromorse-ing the fireplace.  I thoroughly wish I hadn’t started, as I’ve given it 2 goes now and it’s still nowhere near done.

Jasper filled in the gaps in the ceiling and chopped the cupboard doors into 2 halves so they don’t take up too much space.

Lu helped suggest colours (Stevie and I don’t quite trust our taste and are prone to being quite dull).  The wall is going to be grey – as shown in the tester on the wall.  We’re thinking of painting the hallway apple green, in the hope that it will look like the one which is featured in the magazine.

Too bold? It’s the kind that if you moved into a house with that on the wall, you’d curse previous owners and marvel how tastes have changed.


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